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The latest eye makeup trays mentioned here make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Girls should learn these trendy eye makeup techniques. These eye makeup techniques are simple, fast and effective to make the eyes attractive.


The fold and contour method of eye makeup uses the effects of light and darkness. The large parts of the eyelids should have light eyeshadows. Only a small dark color should be seen on the outer corners of the eyes.

~ Apply light, matte eyeshadows that match your skin tone to your upper eyelid. This matte shade is the basic eye shadow. The darker color should be used on the crease and must be mixed well.

~ To locate the crease, close your eyes and touch the eyelid to find the deep hollow indentation on the upper part of the eyelid. This hollow indentation on the eyelid is folded. The dark color would be used to define the crease.

~ Dark color should be applied to the folds when the eyes are open. Otherwise, the shading of your crease will not appear prominent.

~ Fold and contour for eye makeup for eyes makes your eyes appear bigger and attractive.

~ Start lining your upper eyelid, very close to the whip line near the roots with a black eyeliner pencil.

~ Smudge the outer third of the upper eyeliner pigment up and out

~ Then use the black eye pen to erase / shade the upper crease from the outer corner of the upper eyelid toward the inner corner upward, only until a third of it ends much away from the nose.

~ Smudge out and blend this one-third-long, upper fold line with an eyeshadow sponge applicator brush. Blend this fold line outwards and upwards.

~ When mixed properly, the dark, dirty, contoured upper eyelid area would resemble a small, lateral ">".

~ Likewise, place the bottom whip line with the black eyeliner pen only halfway and stop away from the nose. Lubricate the bottom line with the sponge applicator outwards and downwards. Eyes will now be wide open and larger in size.

~ The hint of a little black would make the eyes brighter. Proper smearing and blending are necessary for successful folding and contouring.

~ Adding depth and dimension to the outer ">" in your eyes would make them look bigger. This is one of the best eye makeup tricks.


For a more subtle and natural look, the dotted bottom lining technique is used. This technology also makes your eyes appear larger. This method means that your lower eye line is broken.

Given the shape and size of your eyes, you have to draw four to seven dots with a soft pen, under your lower lashline. Avoid drawing dots very close to the inner corners of the eyes. Draw the dots easily with the pen.

Wear thick eyeliner and mascara to complement this bottom eyeliner look.


You can use eyeliner pens for the latest ombre effect. This is also one of the latest eye makeup trolls.

~ For this gradient eyeliner effect, choose 3 eyeliner colors from the same color family - one light, one medium and one dark shade.

~ Line your top or bottom whip line with these 3 eyeliner pens.

~ When lining your upper whip line, use the light shade of the eyeliner pen to line just one-third the length, starting from the inner corner to the outer. Then stop.

~ Continue, without any gaps, continue to draw the line with the medium shadow eyeliner until a third in the middle.

~ Likewise, continue and complete the drawing of the end one-third line with the darkest shade of the eyeliner pen and extend the wing slightly outside and up.

~ With a soft eye brush, with a light stroke, gently brush the three-shadow horizontal line once for mixing. Do not mix to form a single color line. The gradient eyeliner effect should be felt.

Gradient color ideas for choosing eyeliner pens: -

From Blue color family you can use icy blue [light], turquoise blue [medium] and darkest teal blue [dark].

If you use shades of black color family, you can choose light gray, medium gray and black.


White Eyeliner is used to brighten and enlarge the eyes. This is one of the best known eye makeup tricks. You should hold the lower eyelid down with your finger and apply white eyeliner to the water line to line the inner edge of the eye. By covering the eyes with white eye liners, they make them look big.

Then draw a small inner "<" shape with the white eyeliner, on the skin on the inner corner of both eyes, near the nose or tear duct and smudge it with your finger to blend well. This marking trick for eye makeup shines the inner corners of the eyes to make them look bigger.

These eye makeup techniques are some of the best ways to shine your eyes.